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and who is eligible for a refund. our guest is tax foundation chief economist william mcbride. "washington journal" is next. host: >> host: the white house is to eating -- is disputing claims. the u.s. ambassador to madrid will appear to discuss buying in the country after press reports that the nsa collected information on phone calls. chiefs from those and other countries are expected to travel to the u.s. to discuss those issues. this topic, even on the sunday talk shows yesterday. for our first 45 minutes, when it comes to physically monitoring by the nsa on our allies, we want to get your thoughts on whether the u.s. should rethink spying on allies. here's how you can tell us this morning. you can also reach out to us on social media. you can always send us an e-mail to journal at stores today and yesterday stemming on new developments when it comes to monitoring of ally activity by the nsa. new about obama spying. thatsa denies reports obama was told in 2010 of nsa spying on angela merkel and allowed it to continue. on sunday, the german tabloid siding unknow
in colorado that would increase taxes by $950 million in one year and restructure the way that state funds its public schools. we're back with james freeman, and steve moore. so steve let's go to colorado first because it's a very interesting state, trending left politically, with a kind of new coalition of cultural liberals and hispanics. and women. leading to a democratic majority there. and they could take another big step to the left with this ballot initiative. explain. >> no question about it. paul, you're exactly right. colorado is one of those states that has moved more to the left than just about any other state in the country. and partially because of huge democratic money and liberal money that's gone in to that state. so what they've now put on the ballot is a gigantic income tax increase to pay for more money for schools. this is a big power play by the left to expand the size of the state government. the income tax, if it's raised, paul, would get rid of a traditional policy in colorado of a low flat tax. and i would make the case, one of the reasons colorado has been a high grow
-like participation tax. >> we are agreed that both sides want to seek to get the tax introduced at the european level. we fear to dissemble -- it is a symbol of social justice. >> both sides also agreed to take steps to silence the eurosceptics by seeking to return more responsibility from brussels to the eu member states. the parties have yet to agree on how to deal with troubled banks. scenese scenes -- sweet are made of this. the catwalk creations are made of the world's favorite sweet treat. a number of celebrities joined in the fun. wimbledon tennis champ marion bartoli model this fetching dress in dark chocolate. -- modeled this fetching dress in dark chocolate. a real fashion feast. >> three giant mirrors were installed to direct the sun rays into the valley. they eliminate the town square, an area the size of three tennis courts. >> fantastic. i never thought it would be this good. >> the idea for the mirror states back 100 years but was never implemented. sponsors were found to cover the cost -- some 600,000 euros. locals hope tourists will now no longer avoid the town in the dark winter mon
capability back in the early '80s, and it proved a remarkable decision on his part. >> and to cut taxes. >> and cut taxes at the same time. so i'm not opposed under certain circumstances to running deficits. the debt is another problem and we've gotten to the point now where especially because of entitlement programs but because there really hasn't been much done in the way of trying to restrain spending, we now have trillion dollar deficits every year and a $17 trillion debt we are passing on to our kids and grandkids. that concerns me. >> a lot of economists look at the debt and say a lot of the reason for the debt, in addition to the entitlement programs you're talking about, are things that you and president bush did in terms of funding or not funding the iraq and afghanistan wars, in terms of the medicare prescription drug benefit and in terms of the tax cuts. are you and president bush not also responsible for the deficit? >> well, in terms of prescription drug benefits for seniors, that's something the president campaigned on before i ever got involved. i think it was a good prog
, coming up. >>> imagine paying your taxes by the mile. the government charging you based on how far you drive. the new proposal. we'll tell you about it. who? not so much. my customers can shop around. but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can make better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. #%tiaintroducing cardioviva: the first probiotic to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels without a prescription. cardioviva. >>> time now for a political gut check of the morning. the white house is reviewing all u.s. surveillance programs after reports national security agency was spying on some 35 world leaders and the top senator on the senate intelligence committee says he is totally opposed to that surveillance and that data collection will not continue. cnn's chief national correspondent john king is here to talk more about all of this. it's pretty interesting where things have gotten with this spying controversy, john. the white house is
for me to take this tax. think about that for a second. if that continues at this pace, it could be a $3 trillion or $4 trillion expense to the american people. he said you can keep your interest. they lied about so many things. to get this thing passed. from top to bottom. they talked about abortion not being in it originally. they even got one congressman to sign on, promising him abortion wasn't going to be in it. >> stupek. >> right, top to bottom, they've lied about it. talk about this for one second. when you realize how much this is going to cost them, they'll have to do one of two things. either tax the hell out of it and give the irs, they're going to have to muscle them up. right now, the irs can't garnish your wages. you just have to hope these people pay their taxes. or they're going to have to turn around and say every taxpayer in america is going to have to pick up the tab. >> that's what's going to happen because they don't have enough money in the till to balance it out. now you've got young people that are going to be uninsured, angry and penalized by the federal governm
.a.o. is releasing a report. it just shows some 8,400 people receive security clearances, while they had tax debts, which is a vulnerability, got security clearances. and the vast majority of those were top secret security clearances. so our process is obviously broken, not complete, and not adequate. until this year, o.p.m. did not even have the means to debarring persons or falsified background checks, worse o.p.m. irges g. recommended 22 individuals, have received no answer on 14 cases and informed the other eight will not be debarred. something is very wrong. it's unlikely a stricter clearance process would have prevented a deranged individual from committing murder. but this event should be a katjacy -- catalyst for congress to ways they grant access to sensitive material. two problems, one, there is way too much stuff that's classified that doesn't need to be classified. and number two, there's way too many security clearances approved. so if you markeredly increase the -- markedly increase the people that doesn't need to be classified, you have to increase the number of people. we need to
and nobody is going to put you out of business. the tax payers are here. you stated last month that may be $1.68 billion we heard in 2009 that the fha was stable and sound and secure from the future. so this creates a lot of the concern with american people. it keeps mounting a part of the government that has accrued an enormous amount of debt. the foreign budget writer and paul ryan said the same thing that the steam is out of control and that will collapse like greece. they have said it in many ways. so i would hope that you would share that concern and accountability back to the american people. i think as you spoke to us and appeared before the committee in february, you said then that you tested the financial health of the fha and that right after that the next day the government accountability office the high risk due to the greater of all morality to fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement are the need for transformation. how do you respond to that? do you understand the impact that you are having whacks and then you would be considered a high-risk agency to the taxpayer >> i take mauney
. >> catherine: coming up on kron 4 news at 6. it's not yet tax season. but scammers are already targetting their victims. their tactics. and what to watch out for. >> catherine: then. >> catherine: tougher times for needy families. food stamps benefits are being cut. coming up. >> catherine: one family shows us how deep those cuts really are. plus. the bart contract is finally up for a vote.. why bay area bart riders could finally have piece of mind by tonight! i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. xñ with qualifying bundles. is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but do
, the latest from the belt way just said. >> looking to with to bring in tax revenue but judge andrew napolitano says it is an invasion of privacy and it could change life as we know it. lori: looking at the business of helsinki and the still showing no sign of slowing down and you won't believe how much we expending on costumes for our heads. actually i would. adam: you would? when a and guilty as charged. adam: the dow is positive. >> at the halloween. the dow is down 9 points. we have the nasdaq and the person the in the green on this final day of a great month of october. the broader market 4% this month. we will take it. you with a nearly year there is concern that the fed won't be as inclined to keep the stimulus coming as long as we are hoping. release solid midwest manufacturing number is bolstering that belief, the dollar up, commodities down and that is where we are trading today, stock has been all over the mack in after-hours after the earnings report, stock as much as 18% and when it opened this morning was down 5%. now you can see a green arrow, there is concern in despi
received security clearances while they had tax debts which is a vulnerability that got security clearances and the vast majority of those were top-secret security clearances. so our process is obviously broken, not complete and not adequate. until this year opm did not even have the means of barring persons or companies that falsified background checks for clearances or the ig recommended 22 individuals have received no answer and 14 cases and informed the other eight would not be debarred. something is very wrong. it's unlikely that a stricter clearance process would have prevented a deranged individual from committing murder that this event should be a catalyst for congress to try to fix this way if this country handles access to sensitive data. two problems. one is too much stuff that is classified but doesn't need to be classified a number two they're way too many security clearances approved. if you markedly increase the amount of material that doesn't need to be classified you have to increase the number of people that need to have access to it. we need to address both problems. i lo
that their >> mexico is taxing junk food as part of the campaign to fight obesity. >> an 8% tax will be placed on high calorie foods, snacks with more than 275-calories per 100 grams. the congress passed a law that puts a one peso tax on soft drinks, that's 8 cents. mexico has one of the world's highest obesity rates, slightly higher than the u.s., 70% have the population. >> they took a lot of clues from michael bloomberg in new york city, trying to pass these laws. speaking of food, there's a salmon boom in washington state. >> more than a mill chinook salmon have been counted this fall. we have more. >> on one of the northwest great natural stages, an underwater drama is playing out. chinook salmon are setting records. >> over 73,000 passed through the dam in one day. you couldn't blink or talk. with these visual counts, there's no going back. >> people paid to count fish have never counted more in the fall run. 900,000 so far. more than a million for the species this year. >> we were expecting a good run, we exceeded the daily max mum. it was mayhem, really, it was mayhem. >> salmon populations ha
or the accountant who does your taxes or the mechanic who fixes your car? the president encouraged lawmakers to pass the legislation. >>> and tim cook the ceo of apple is also urging passing this. he writes in the wall street journal that "when people feel valued for who they are, they have the comfort and confidence to do the best work of their life." >>> 7:16. new in egypt this morning, former egyptian prod, mohamed morsi appeared in fourth for theist -- president, mohamed morsi appeared in court for the first time since he was removed from power. he says he's the legitimate leader and the court has no jurisdiction to put him on trial. the trial was adjourned until january. he's in a secret location while awaiting his trial. he could get the death penalty if convicted. >>> a man from mish twin claims he -- michigan claims he tipped off the fbi where to find osama bin laden. now he wants to be paid the $25 million reward. tom lee, he's an international jewelry marketer, says he told the fbi bin laden was hiding in pakistan in 2003. the fbi says bin laden's location was found using electronic intell
security clearance while they had tax bets, which is a as a -- vulnerability, got security clearances, and the vast majority of those were top secret security clearances. our process is obviously broken, not complete, and not adequate. until this year, opm did not have the means of debarring persons or those who falsified background checks for clearances. worse, ipmm's ig recommended 22 individuals received no answers on 14 of the cases formed that the other eight would not be debarred. something is very wrong. it's unlikely that a stricter clearance process would have prevented a deranged individual from committing murder, but this event should be a catalyst for congress to fix the way the country categorizes, handles, and grants access to sensitive data. two problems. one, there's way too much stuff classified that doesn't need to be classified, and number two, there's way too many security clearances approvedded. if you markettedly increase the amount of material that doesn't need to be classified, you have to increase the number of people that need to have access to it. we have to
are not going to pay for the insurance in other states. we pay money for our federal taxes, we're going to get that back. you look at states like texas and texas is going to have all those texans paying for the insurance in california or in michigan? i don't think so. it's a great 2014 issue for both congress and for democrats running for governor. >> that's not the case. texas is not expanding their medicaid rolls. they're not giving them away because they're not expanding the rolls which is care cost for them, and you know the obama care only pays the bills for a short period of time. 90% but they don't pay the whole thing. again, you're asking people to expand the role of government, and in texas, they don't want to do that. they want to have private sectose sectors -- >> so they'll give those away. the texans pay those taxes. >> those tax dollars are not paying for obama care. >> let's not just talk about the expansion of medicaid, though. i think it's very easy to lose me and a lot of our viewers here. keep it to the big question, which is, how did this get botched and what are the conseq
enrollment. that hub verifies identities and incomes, key to determining eligibility and tax credits. the problem was caused by activity at a center owned by verizon. verizon said our engineers have been working with technology companies to identify and address the root cause of the issue. >> this is another headache for health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. she is set to appear before a congressional committee this week. she will testify about problems with the rollout. the glitches are blamed for low enrollment. congress said she should step down if she can't firm the problems with >> the president has been poorly served in the implementation of his own signature legislation, so if somebody doesn't leave and there isn't a real restruckuring, not just a 60 day, somebody come in and try to fix it, then he's missing the point of management 101, which is these people are to serve him well and they haven't. >> before sebelius is grilled by congress, there will be a house hearing on tuesday. >> at least 66 people are dead after a wave of bombings across i
out more new models. they also say many people may rush to buy cars before the planned consumption tax hike in april. >>> japanese engineers are helping people with disabilities do what they need to do online. they've created a computer that's operated by breathing into a tube. researchers developed the machine. users blow softly to move the cursor down and forcefully to move it up and inhale sharply or gently to move right or left. some students tested out the system. the researchers say it took about a week of getting used to. people with severe mobility problems can currently operate some computers with eye movements, but their new breath-controlled system is cheaper. they are hoping to have it on the market in two years. >>> that's all for now in business news. i'll leave you with a check on markets. >>> the u.s. ambassador to syria has urged antigovernment forces there to negotiate an end to the conflict. he wants the rebels to attend the proposed international peace meeting, but opposition leaders say they won't attend unless president bashar al assad steps down. robert ford spok
who pay for it are not consuming it on the margin and that is a huge tax wedge and it will drive it straight down. dagen: the subsidies will be provided before the sick will be subsidized. there are two ways to get paid for it. connell: it was nice to have you today in the studio. >> it was nice to be in the studio. dagen: get your butt up to new york. >> i love it. connell: get the tape. thank you. >> thank you very much. connell: the markets today. slashing some 49,000 jobs due to a slow mortgage business named the top job cu cutter for the mh of october. those are numbers in from the outplacement firm. but what is the risk to other job creators and how will it affect your portfolio? let's talk about that. his investment strategist, the chief trader there in washington, d.c., where all the action seems to be lately. what about these job cuts in the financial sector, what is the effect? >> we should not be surprise at all. this is what has been happening for most companies and for the financials over the last two years. companies are growing earnings without growing revenue so h
the case like the grimes campaign did, a state that takes in more federal money than it pays back in taxes damaged kentuckyians. statewide you can run that way. but these house districts it's hard to sell that story. >> david ignatius people talk about the republican party. there's so many different republican parties. i talk about, you got the governors. and the success of the governors that they've had. then you got basically the senate wing of the republican party and then the house wing of the republican party. and what works for one definitely doesn't work for the other and certainly what works for some house members actually undermines presidential candidates who have any, any dream of being able to compete with hillary clinton. >> we'll see if the chris christie wing of the party, the party that will talk about how to govern and make a big state like new jersey work if that gets traction. one of the things i've been following the last few weeks is the backlash in some hard line republican house tea party districts against those tea party hard liners. for example, justin amosh from m
federal spending on education. >> a budget that cuts what we don't need, poses wasteful tax loopholes that don't create jobs, free up resources to invest in the things that actually do help us grow like education and scientific research and infrastructure, roads, bridges, airports. they should not be an ideological exercise, we are just using common sense? . what is going to help us grow? what will expand our middle- class? those are the things we should be putting money into. >> internal records show north dakota has kept silent on scores of oil spill's over the past two years. according to the associated press, or dakota has reported nearly three hundred oil spills since january 20 12, but none of them publicly disclosed. it took 11 days before north dakota just recently announced that the tesoro oil spill that dumped more than 20,000 barrels of crude oil. dakota -- north dakota is the nation's second-largest oil producer. lou reed has died. a legend of the new york rock scene, he cofounded the velvet underground before going on to a prolific solo career. in hisater years, he took p
because of the tax benefits and cheaper plans available through the new exchanges. the other half will have to pay more for insurance than they are paying now. for example, one woman in california is currently paying $98 a movement the cheapest plan she could find under the new law is $238 a month. she and other people do not understand why they should be forced to pay for things in their plan that they don't want or think that they will not need. the white house insists it has always been clear that some americans were going to have to pay more on the front end in order to bring totals healthcare costs down for everybody over the long-term. >> david shuster reporting. on another part of capitol hill, the nation's top spy officials were offering no apologies. the head of the national security act see says he would rather take a beating for what the cut tree is doing now than face a terrorist attack. he says many published reports about spying are wrong. randall pinkston on today's nsa actwitchties, he joins us from washington, d.c. randall? >> reporter: john, two intelligence off
of our tax dollars going to waste. we've learned that one government agency spent $50,000 on a parody movie. today, lawmakers are asking for answers, but one former official does not care to talk. >>> plus, how are things at home? wondering if your relationship's going to last? why don't you ask facebook? because today researchers say facebook can predict whether your relationship will survive. and the key, who your friends are. we'll show you what to look for. >>> and virgin america tries to get passengers to pay attention to inflight instructions. ♪ >>> that is a safety dance. let's get to it. >>> now shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> first at 3:00 this afternoon, engineers have not had enough time to test the final version of the obama administration's troubled health care website. at least they didn't before it launched on october 1st. that admission from the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius today testifying before capitol hill. saying government contractors did properly test the individual kpoep components of the system but did not put
commissioner here in california, he said united health care annetd aetna were a tax disadvantage? that's political cronyism. >> the tax advantage could be part of the problem. but i guess the real question is, when we're talking about whether obama care is the problem here, you're saying you've gone through the entire market, the exchanges with obama care and the plans available outside of obama care and you're saying categorically that you can't find the plan that you have now or anything similar for the same cost, period? >> absolutely. categorically, i am saying that. i know that for a fact. just like when i was hit with a curve ball called terminal cancer, stage four cancer, i had to be quick. i had to be thorough. and i had to act. and so when my policies canceled, i have to be the same. i have to be attentive, pay attention and really get down to the nuts and bolts of it to make sure, because i am alive for just a couple of reasons. i'm alive because i'm really, really lucky, and i'm blessed. and part of that luck and that blessing has been my doctors and my health care policy. a
of earnings potential, people who could otherwise have been gainfully employed, add together tax base. could have married and held together families. and that whole structure is destroyed because we have criminalized marijuana and law enforcement has used that criminalization as a tool to whack whole generations. >> a tool but it certainly has caught a lot of people, mainly african-american and hispanic young men in a net that they don't need to be in and they shouldn't be in. >> and particularly since their usage rates are no higher -- >> you're for legalization? >> absolutely. >> obviously not for, what if people below 18? >> it should be the same as alcohol. maybe higher age. the only harm they can see thought does is in the early adolescent brain. >> brain development. >> very clear it harms adolescent brains. not clear it harms adults. >> in a much more pernicious way. that's clear. but the adult brain, occasional use of cannibis not different. >> there is a difference between medical marijuana and nonmedical marijuana? >> what do you mean? there's no difference. >> there's no differenc
problem in that way but it has this huge underlying problem. you cannot continue to tax as if you're a small government country and spend as if you're a big government country. eventually that's going to come back and hit you. >> so this can last until march but in the meantime we can have another crisis and almost certainly will. january 15th is the next budget deadline. february 7th is when we need to raise the borrowing limit. when you were talking to those folks, how nervous are they about those deadlines? >> i think they're getting irritated as well as nervous. that makes a difference. you sit there and you're trying to make plans, you're trying to build a factory, you're trying to hire people. would you do that if you weren't quite sure what was going to happen in terms of the government, whether you're going to get hit, for instance, because there might be a demand to close the gap really quickly. well, who's going to -- who are they going to go for? they're going to go for business and that, i think, is a big thing. businesses react to consumers' confidence and they feed o
. in december of last year police raided the company's headquarters in straight sets into allegations of tax evasion and money laundering management has since launched an internal investigation to prevent similar embarrassments from so that dancing its reputation. how was it even possible to rig the foreign exchange markets. currencies with the volume of more than three thousand seven hundred billion euro is traded on the markets every day. rates for the twenty one days traded currencies are adjusted every thirty minutes the lake often means fixing is used as a benchmark to manage that pulls the idea of foreign currencies regulators from europe the us and asia. i'm now looking into allegations that buying school to insider trading information to manipulate currency rates deutsche bank and other financial giants including royal bank of scotland ups and city creek have said they'll cooperate with all authorities. some banks have reportedly even started laying off employees they suspect that opinion polls in the scandal. well to find out what all the stories were moving the markets here's a coo
are supposed to be taxed at the misanthropic but the thing i'm most happy thing is he was a visit to the president's this was a fake trial. this is a political trial and that we could just as he needed to prevail in this whole case the defendants at the stables he keeps insisting that the specific topics is the reason that he states he will be gifting and self acting sick bit better than some twenty five affiliates that are disappointing for the defense but any tenant in the backseat been given access to the clients. of course most he is standing accused of being signed team met at an on site fourteen and that was the brother with support as this is my view being seen as a political trial. of cause tension snapped up by the high will keep you updated. in fall or responds on twitter for all the latest updates from the egyptian capital kampala singers got all the details from that court hearing the end. move on the egyptian another twenty eleven egyptian revolution saw longtime army backed leader hosni mubarak stand downs talabani year of political turmoil in june twenty twelve behi
. -- [laughter] it may be not what they think. but whether it's rubbing red lights, sloppy preparation on tax returns. [laughter] people do things wrong. then the second thing is that government doesn't always target bad guys for who they think are bad guys for exactly the reasons that you might think; right. al cay -- capone. we do a lot of representation of people interviewed by the fbi. we have some reason to think for national security reasons. a lot of times we see what seems to us, at least, to be -- pretext yule. an investigation that has a national security agent on it results in an immigration charge or deportation proceeding or even some charge related to practice of business. the idea if somebody gets in their head the idea you're doing something wrong that can create a real problem. with secret information. or, you know, abuses throughout history. richard nixon or fhfa los angeles there was a public disorder intelligence which compiled a lot of information and used it for political purposes. it's often information that is collected for law enforcement and security purpose often us
should set aside pre-tax dollars to pay out-of-pocket medical expenses. the treasury department saying you will be able to roll over $500 a year if necessary. remember that use it or lose it rule, for years if you put money in the flexible spending account and didn't use all of it you lost it. now you will be able to carry over $500 into the next year. there is some 14 million americans who use these flexible spending accounts, also called fsas, so this will affect an awful lot of people. you will be able to roll that over. it should be noted the limits have changed, used to be $5,000 you could set aside pre-tax dollars to pay out-of-pocket expenses. now it's more like $2,500 so do the math on what your family consumes in health care and out-of-pocket expenses are. at least you know, carol, you can roll over $500 of it. i used to run at the end of the year and buy a pair of glasses or stock up on a bunch of stuff that i needed so i could use all the money and now you don't have to do that anymore. >> we'll check and do our homework. thank you, christine romans, very much. >>> still to
. this is perfectly adapted to the environment. but now meeting a very tax savvy population then they have access to use tools to make it taken the backyard. something not in afghanistan but to look get the urbanize savvy population and final example in the u.s. states of georgia may 2011 a 15 year-old ninth great kid looked at the libyans and thought they don't know how to use of weapons systems of the crowd sourced in 48 hours a diving gold medal to teach the libyans how to use the weapons they were capturing he got this from soviet websites and his friends in those to speak arabic. today that is a major document used across syria with a fighting because neither word gun cultures you deal with people that came up in a gun culture sir buddy knows how to fire a weapon. what i sat with the nafta and travel editor i ask where the ied techniques came from he told his 50 year-old they make me one. they just no hope but -- they just know how but syria or libya did not have that background banal a kid in united states in 48 hours can pull together a middle that is now the dominant document that people
enrolled and avoid tax penalties. >>> britain and northern europe are recovering after overcoming a storm. wind gusts reached as high as 119 miles per hour. damage was widespread. hundreds of thousands of people lost power. and just trying to cross the street was a challenge for pedestrians. watch out. >>> we had a bit of wind this morning. the highs today they warmed into the mid-60s. numbers tomorrow are going to be very similar to these. not big changes. we're going to see lots of mid- and low 60s. that will probably match again tomorrow. 64, 65 degrees right in that range. so a very similar day tomorrow. we checked the radar real quick, you can see a few showers showing up. everything is moving up this way. all the activity in the foothills as that low tracks off is moving off to the east. the cool air is going to be in the area it already is. that's why the frost advisory is in effect or will go into effect tonight at 1:00 a.m. and for the north bay hills and that doesn't just mean frost in the hills. most likely you're going to see frost in the low laying valleys. i would not be sur
for those who want to get enrolled and avoid tax penalties. >>> britain and northern europe are recovering after overcoming a storm. wind gusts reached as high as 119 miles per hour. damage was widespread. hundreds of thousands of people lost power. and just trying to cross the street was a challenge for pedestrians. watch out. >>> we had a bit of wind this morning. the highs today they warmed into the mid-60s. numbers tomorrow are going to be very similar to these. not big changes. we're going to see lots of mid- and low 60s. that will probably match again tomorrow. 64, 65 degrees right in that range. so a very similar day tomorrow. we checked the radar real quick, you can see a few showers showing up. everything is moving up this way. all the activity in the foothills as that low tracks off is moving off to the east. the cool air is going to be in the area it already is. that's why the frost advisory is in effect or will go into effect tonight at 1:00 a.m. and for the north bay hills and that doesn't just mean frost in the hills. most likely you're going to see frost in the low laying va
, 19 issues, on taxes, spending, deficit, debt, health care, energy. it's been over tactics. these fights have been over tactics and strategy and what irks me is to see groups like the senate conservative fund attack conservative republican senators, not over their policy votes but because they disagreed with them on political tactics. now, there's no place for this, you know, purity in politics is the enemy of victory. and what we want is what you said a while ago. republicans want to take over the senate so we'd have the house and after next year the senate, we have to win six seats. we've got at least seven good shots. and for our guys and people like cruz to want to start big fights over tactics is a setback. let's focus on policy where people see the difference between us and obama. >> who leads the party to that conclusion, though? there hasn't been someone who has been able to. >> i think governors do. if you look at governor and is their records of success, whether it's scott walker, john kasich, rick perry from texas had a fantastic run. and that's where we are actu
that does your taxes or the mechanic that fixes your car? >>> there are new developments in the fights to stop one of the biggest evictions in san francisco history. the san francisco examiner reports the city has suspended a permit for renovations to an apartment building on market street. the building was being converted into office space after the city said it was not zoned for residential use and dozens of people now face eviction. >>> the oakland a's could be moving across the bay to play their home games at the home of the san francisco giants. alex savidge is joining us live. he is at at & t park to tell us what is behind this stunning news for bay area baseball fans. >> i have to tell you we already choked in with oakland a's fans and they do not like the idea of watching their team move across the bay to play their games here at at & t park in san francisco. but according to a report from the san francisco chronicle there is a very real possibility that this could happen in the next couple of years. now the issue here is coliseum officials haven't been able to reach a short-te
penalty will be permitted to claim any tax deduction or tax benefit in connection with this payment. so that is what is in the agreement. often as is the case here in addition to agreeing what is in their agreement it is important to note what is not in theywn agreement. there is no immunity from prosecution for any person as i mentioned. as i said, this agreement does not have any binding effect on any individuals at all charged or uncharged so while the agreement may and the prosecution of the companies with respect to individuals at this hedge fund or countless other financial institutions to buy and sell securities, we will continue to pursue insider-trading investigations and follow the facts wherever they lead an investigation on the criminal side remains ongoing. as i said just about four years ago at the time of our first major insider-trading arrest, grade sometimes is not good, and there are at least 75 convicted insider-trading defendants who today would likely agree, but individual guilt is not the whole of our mission. sometimes institutions needs to be held accountable yet
and taxes. it's a complex problem, but you don't have to solve it by yourself. at intuit, we make tools to help you simplify it all, so you can focus on what matters most. intuit. simplify the business of life. . >>> we are in parkville i think. look -- wow,. >> that's great. >> now it's carnie. there you go. you never know. wyatt will have a detailed look at the forecast coming up in about three minutes. >>> with trick or treating out of the way, why not set your sights on real halloween fun tomorrow snieght? they will be shooting zom bies in middle river. it's to kill moving targets featuring the undead and there is no use shooting them in the heart because you have to shoot them in the head. the company said it draws participants from all walks of life. >> you know, obviously regular shooters, other hunters, maybe law enforcement. we even pulled some traditional standard people that have just shot once or twice before but they are just into zombies. > >> the winner will receive a survival kit complete with candy bars, bottle openers, duct tape and a raffle will be held for a shot
senate to bring that up. how in the world can that be. if you haven't paid your federal taxes, you said, if you want to get a federal contract you should be prohibited from doing that. barack obama the senator agreed with that, i'm agreeing with it now, yet we till can't get that kind of bill done, it's just another symptom of the two sides working together. i want to be that person. i'm a tea party guy but i want to work in a bipartisan way to strive forward but it's just not happening and it's very frustrating. >> at the same time on health care, do you think with all the problems with website, we're all acknowledging and ridiculinridin fact people tell me, i.t. people, if you don't know what is wrong with the code, you're really going to have to start from scratch. they don't know how there's an easy fix to this. at some point if the website works, is it possible republicans in general were wrong, that giving health care to however many million more people is bottom line a good thing? >> i'm not opposed to a website. i am concerned about a website that is not open and transparent, th
korea, gun rights, same-sex marriage, tax cuts, guantanamo, interrogation practices, surveillance practices iran, climate change lebanon war harriet meyers, middle east peace, syria, russia, federal spending. almost every matter of import they never saw eye to eye on. >> yeah. it was a dramatically evolved relationship. cheney was important in the beginning. never quite as single mindedly the puppet master some people might have thought. but by the end they had drifted apart. president bush wanted to try more diplomacy in his second term. he did want to rebuild res with the allies as we talked about in the last segment he tried to moderate to the some extent some counter-terrorism policies that caused controversy. vice president cheney worried that was getting away from what was most important, worried it was away from the principles they developed in the beginning after 9/11 and resisted a lot of these changes. although as he said publicly in these last few days, he didn't always win. >> one of the things you make note of is the way in which cheney dealt with bush, which was not
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